Why Proper Sports Betting is a Weighed Investment and Not a Crapshoot

Today we’re going to focus on a few terms most amateur sports bettors have no idea in the world what they mean and most don’t even give a damn about (to their detriment…read on) – “bankroll”, “units” and “money management”, and we’re going to explain it in such a way that hopefully, the amateur sports bettor can easily understand, embrace and hopefully, choose to implement to both have fun betting sports and make long-term money doing so.

So, you’re watching your favorite Sunday cable news financial show while waiting for the NFL games to begin and you hear some talking head touting XYZ Company. He expects the stock to BOOM in the next 12 months, gaining 8-10% per share. He makes a great argument to back his opinion and tomorrow you call your stock broker hoping to cash in – which, may or MAY NOT happen. You choose to put a finite amount of money at risk, say, $1,000.00 in hopes of making an easy $100.00 + or – over the next 12 months.
“What the hey?” you say to yourself. Either the famous talking head was right or wrong but at least you’re taking a calculated risk, correct? After all, it’s not like taking that same $1000.00 to a casino and playing dollar slots is it? That wouldn’t be a CALCULATED risk.

So, you enjoy playing the slots once in a while though anyway.  You jump into your car and you promise yourself you’re only playing $200.00 and when it’s gone, it’s gone. This is your “bankroll”for the evening just like the $1K you invested in XYZ Co, Inc. a few months earlier was your “bankroll” for playing the stock market. Only, in the latter case, you EXPECT to return home $200.00 poorer but at least you had fun at the Casino, right? You paid for the rush – you weren’t even expecting to make money on your Casino “bankroll” – you were practicing a form of “money management” in all of the above scenarios.

NOW, let’s apply the above mentioned analogies to the ART of sports betting. If
you were to visit my [temporary] site right
, you’ll notice after NFL Week 18’s Wild Card action, this is what you’ll see near the bottom at the time of this writing:

FOR +16.92    UNITS AND A +13% RETURN ON

So what does all this mean? Simply put, your bankroll (whatever amount you chose to invest into sports betting – in this case, with myself and on the NFL, be it $100.00, $1000,00 or even $100000000.00) has increased CONSIDERABLY higher than it most certainly would have had you chosen to invest in the stock market, the money market, your local widget factory, etc., etc., etc. Oh, and it’s higher than a 13% return, by the way…because throughout the season your bankroll steadily grew little by little and your BETTING UNITS (that’s next) increased as a result.

Betting units?  What’s that, you ask.  If you visited my web page you’ll notice I have mostly 1* (one unit) picks and the occasional 2* unit pick along with the“once in a blue moon” 3* unit+ pick. A unit is equal to 1% of whatever your bankroll (original investment in
other words) is at when you place your bet:  if your bankroll is $1000.00, your 1 unit bet is $10.00; If you’re wealthy and your bankroll is $100000000.00, your 1 unit bet Is $1000000.00.  Double that for a 2-unit, triple for a 3-unit, etc.  If your bankroll started at $1000.00 and you stuck with me for an entire year, you’ve cleared over $170.00 in pure profit.  If you’re a million dollar bettor with a $100000000.00 bankroll, you’ve made a cool $17+ MILLION DOLLARS just for tailing my picks this year (to date).

I hope this serves as a lesson for (especially) new sports bettors.  This is why you hear the cliché “It’s a marathon, not a sprint” all the time…from the HONEST handicappers. No HONEST handicapper will promise you easy riches for just trusting them with your hard-earned money, nor will they dictate to you the size your bankroll should be.  If you run into one of these types, you are simply dealing with a money-sucking salesman with no scruples and typically, no handicapping talent either. Last but not least, if somebody says they do 60%-plus per year in ANY sport, run, run away.  The best ‘cappers in the world average between 53% and 60% LONG-TERM and that’s the BOTTOM LINE!


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